For Veterans And Their Widows Only

The U.S. Veterans Administration wants to pay you cash for your long-term health care so you can continue to live at home, stay out of a nursing home for life, and still get exactly the care you need. The program is sometimes known as "Aid and Attendance."

When you need long-term care because your health has declined, usually you will have only two choices:

  • To leave your home and go to where the help is or
  • Stay at home and bring the health care to you.

If you're like every other veteran and widow I talk with, you prefer the second choice. So, let me show you how veterans' benefits can be used to pay the costs of long-term care costs and enable you to continuing living at home.

I've been a lawyer for more than 40 years. I am licensed in Georgia and North Carolina. I am also accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. I have spent my entire career as a lawyer, helping families plan their financial affairs throughout every phase of their lives. When providing for their families, I have helped them plan their estates, prepare for the risk of disability, and helped them reduce their taxes.

If they are a wartime veteran or the widow of a wartime veteran, I have helped them win eligibility for VA benefits earned by the veteran's military service. And I have guided them through the complexity of Medicaid assistance, if nursing home care is needed as a last resort.

On my website, I'll show you all about VA Pension. I'll hold nothing back. The more you know about this VA program, the better-equipped you'll be to get the most out of it. You'll discover how it works, how veteran families benefit from it in the real world, and you'll learn why most people fail to get everything they should from it.

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Every month you wait to apply is another month of benefits you lose forever. Here's how much time you have to lock in next month as your effective date for VA pension benefits . . .