Taking the Fast Track to a Successful VA Pension Claim

Choosing the Right Claim Approach Will Increase Your Chances of Approval

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Anyone filing a claim for benefits with the capital Department of Veterans Affairs must make a choice between two processing approaches. The first one is known as the Fully Developed Claim approach. The other approach I will refer to as the Regular approach.

runnerThere are major advantages and disadvantages of both these approaches. The Fully Developed Claim will result in a decision much faster. In my experience, the time to a decision will be one third or less the time it takes for a decision on a Regular claim. The major advantage of the Regular claim is that the VA will be obligated by law to assist you in completing portions of your claim that you struggle with.

In the audio program below, I discuss the features of each of these two approaches. My preferred approach is the Fully Developed Claim because it results in a decision in a small fraction of the time it takes for a Regular claim. In fact, all claims that we file our Fully Developed Claims.

If you insist on preparing your own claim, you may prefer the Regular approach because of the assistance the VA will give you. But it will take many months more for you to get a decision on the claim, and the chances of approval of your claim will substantially increase under the Regular claim system. So, consider carefully your two options before making a decision as to which approach you will adopt.

Comparison of the Fully Developed Claim with the regular claim process

Read more about the VA’s legal obligation to assist you.

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