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Am I on the right website? +

This website is for veterans and their widows interested in the veterans' program known as VA Pension, sometimes known as "Aid and Attendance." This program, which is administered by the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs, pays cash to veterans and their widows to help pay for long- term health care so that they can continue to live at home, stay out of the nursing home for life, and still get exactly the care they need. This program is not dependent on the veteran having been injured during military service. In fact, the widow of a veteran can receive this benefit even though the veteran never claim this benefit during his life. Thus, the program is known has a non-service-connected VA benefit. So, the program is distinct from the service-connected benefit known as Disability Compensation, which is dependent upon the veteran having been injured or become ill during their active duty service.

I'm already receiving another VA benefit. How do I know whether I am a candidate for VA Pension benefits (Aid and Attendance)? +

First, you should understand that a veteran or widow may receive either the VA Pension or an alternative such as Disability Compensation (veterans) or The Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (widows), BUT NOT BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. A beneficiary will always be paid the larger of the two programs whenever the beneficiary is eligible for both. We do not handle Disability Compensation applications. We do handle Dependency and Indemnity Compensation applications.

If you are already receiving either Disability Compensation or Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, you can determine whether VA Pension benefits could pay you more than you are currently receiving by comparing what you received today with what the maximum available Pension benefit would be. Visit the page 2019 Maximum Pension Benefits.

What is the quickest way to determine whether I might be a good candidate for VA Pension benefits? +

Visit our Home page and look for the form "Request a copy of our 1-page Quick VA Eligibility Checklist." Provide us with your first name and email address for access to our Quick VA Eligibility Checklist. This is the fastest, easiest way to determine whether you are a good candidate for VA Pension.

If you want to know more details about the way VA Pension works, you can request our Special Report which will give you everything you need to know to determine whether you want to proceed with claiming VA Pension benefits. You'll be given an opportunity to request this Special Report at the time you request your Quick Checklist.

This Special Report will even explain how to determine whether you even need a VA- accredited lawyer to help you with your application!

Tell me specifically and factually how you are different from other VA- accredited lawyers. +
  • It is likely that you will need the help and support of at least one other family member to successfully apply for VA Pension benefits. We will explain to you in detail how it will work for your family. We will also provide training and continuing support to your family member so they can play their vital role in making sure you continue to receive benefits for the rest of your life.
  • VA Pension is not an entitlement program like Social Security. Unlike Social Security, you must be prepared to take actionto keep your eligibility. We will provide you and your family continuing guidance on how to make sure that you continue to receive the maximum available VA Pension benefit. And will give you monthly tips on how to avoid common problems that can cause others to lose their VA Pension benefits.
  • We retain the services of a registered nurse who will prepare your medical support for Pension eligibility. This nurse has over 25 years experience in preparing such Pension medical support. She knows the medical terminology and the VA medical rules which will support your claim for the highest available VA medical rating known as Aid and Attendance. To make it easy for you, our nurse will call you and ask you about your health and need for support from a family caregiver. In about 40 minutes on the phone with the nurse, our nurse will be able to complete the VA medical paperwork and send it on to your doctor for signature.
  • When we talk with you, we will go into great detail about how our entire process is designed to eliminate all of your risks with respect to our fee. We have worked long and hard to make our process risk-free to you.
  • When we talk with you, we will explain in detail exactly what the benefit will be to you once VA approves your application. Keep in mind that the VA Pension benefits are entirely tax free to you.
What can you offer which will earn my trust? +

Davis suggests that you start with the following:

  • Davis is an accredited lawyer in the states of Georgia and North Carolina. You can visit or call the State Bar of Georgia and North Carolina and check to see whether anyone has ever filed a Bar complaint against Davis in either state. The Bar office will tell you that no complaints have ever been filed by anyone in either state.
  • Davis is also accredited by the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs (accreditation # 18399). That means that Davis has specialized training in handling VA cases. In fact, the VA requires annual continuing legal education because the rules are constantly changing.
  • Next, visit our Client Success Stories page. There, you can read the success stories and what these clients have had to say about Davis.

Request a Copy of Our 1-Page Quick VA Eligibility Checklist

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